A zeppelin flying

TSC zeppelin fire

Giorgio Brabandt witnesses a zeppelin crashing

TSC zeppelin

A zeppelin with a light on it

Zeppelins were airships used in Lyra's world for transportation. They were used instead of the planes used in Will's world, and the Magisterium was known to have several zeppelins. Marisa Coulter landed a zeppelin at Bolvangar,[1] and several were used in pursuit of Lee Scoresby and John Parry. They sometimes took off at aërodocks. The Swiss Guard had several zeppelins, two of which were destroyed at the battle at the Valley of the Rainbows.[2]

National Ærobus was a company that provided transport via zeppelin across Brytain.

The gyptian Giorgio Brabandt, whilst taking Lyra Silvertongue to the Fens to flee Oxford, witnessed a zeppelin crashing.[3]


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