Dr Werner Hammond was a man from Lyra's world and the Master of Jordan College. He was appointed after Dr Carne died when Lyra Silvertongue was around 19. Werner was a businessman and wasn't from Oxford. He had a career as a scholar of chemistry beore becoming a chairman at a great medical corporation which he assisted in increasing its powers and revenues. He had since returned to academics and became the Mater. His dæmon had the form of a lynx.

Werner had once met Hannah Relf in Munich on some corporate business and esteemed her highly. When Lyra was 20, he talked with her about her status at the college and told her that she should not be dining with the academics because she was really a servant as the money Carne put aside for her had been used up.

He could speak five languages and he knew the history and traditions of the College however wasn't able to understand how Lyra had ended up in the college's care.[1]



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