Vaclav Kubiček was a man who lived in Prague. He was a book dealer. He spoke Czech, English and Latin and lived in a region known as the Malá Strana, or the old city, near a street named Zlatá ulička.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

When Lyra Silvertongue was twenty, Kubiček met her at a train station in the centre of Prague. He explained to her that there was a society for people without dæmons and took her back to his house. He needed her to find out where a man named Johannes Agrippa lived using her clavicula so that he could help Cornelis van Dongen.[1]

Dæmon[edit | edit source]

Kubiček and his dæmon could separate from each other. At one point in Kubiček's life, his dæmon left him, saying that they would be less unhappy if they were apart. Kubiček belonged to a secret of society of people without dæmons, although he continued to look for his wherever he went.[1]

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