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  • I live in A Meaningless Vortex
  • My occupation is Probably Sleeping
  • I am A Proud Vegetarian.....and Bringer of World Peace *snort* yeah, right *snort*
  • Bio I'm NightSpeakers, a British (though not the best time to say this...) FANDOM user. I see you've come upon the unfortunate event of stumbling upon my userspace - pity yourself. I reccommend getting off as quickly as possible.

    Favourite books:
    *His Dark Materials (and anything to do with it)
    *The Handmaid's Tale
    *Ali Sparkes's books (The Shapeshifter, Night Speakers)

    Favourite TV shows:
    *Years and Years (BBC)
    *His Dark Materials (BBC)
    *Mrs Wilson (BBC)
    *Doctor Who (BBC - especially S4 - David Tennant and Catherine Tate are amazing)
    *Call My Agent/Dix Pour Cent (Canal+)
    *End of the _______ world (Channel 4)
    *The Accident (Channel 4)
    *AbFab (BBC)
    *The Vicar of Dibley (BBC)
    *French and Saunders (BBC)
    *'Allo 'Allo! (BBC)
    *Noughts + Crosses (BBC)
    *Merlin (BBC)
    *There She Goes (BBC)

    Other interests:
    Enjoys looking at ancient languages and cultures (Latin & Ancient Greek).

    Very boring life. Most of the time. Talks to self, a lot. Fussy about grammar and spelling - it effects me!
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  • NightSpeakers
    This is a continuation from the WAM and HDM blog

    WAM's a great way to see how we're doing compared to other wikis and to see at which points in time users have flocked to the wiki. In this blog, I'll detail the changes our WAM score is likely going to take within the next few months and take a look at our history of WAM scores to see it's changed relating to various events.

    At the moment, our WAM score is usely around mid-high 60s, putting us normally in the top 1500 wikis on the site. Now, that's good for when there's nothing really happening, it shows there is lots of reads on the site and edits are good. Compared to sites like the Harry Potter Wiki, Star Wars Wiki, Memory Alpha Wiki, Marvel Wiki - which have a consistent WAM of very nearl…

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  • NightSpeakers

    WAM and HDM

    December 28, 2018 by NightSpeakers

    So, I didn't think this was appropriate for Discussions, so I wrote it in a blog!

    This is just going to be a blog all about the new things happening in the HDM world (the new book: The Secret Commonwealth and also the BBC TV series) and how it affects our WAM (Wiki Activity Monitor) score. WAM is an important thing with wikis, it helps users and staff register the viewing figures, contributions and generally how well the wiki is doing. You can see more information on its FAQ page. WAM is also good to help track how well our SEO is.

    Every day, FANDOM records the top 5000 communities with the highest WAM score. As I'm writing this, during the past 30 days, we've averaged at about 69 with our score, 1275 with our rank amongst other wikis and co…

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