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  • LimeInABush

    A List of thoughts

    December 30, 2018 by LimeInABush

    This blog contains my list of HDM related thoughts. It will be continually updated as I think up some new stuff.

    • The actress playing Serafina Pekkala, Ruta Gedmintas, has a witch sounding name.
    • Does anyone else think the bird woman in Home Alone 2 is secretly Mary Malone?
    • I personally think that Josh Hutcherson would have been the best actor to play Will in the TV Series if he was younger and British.
    • There are a surprisingly large amount of HDM related podcasts on Spotify, which, now that I know about them, will make the morning train ride to school a LOT more enjoyable.
    • In case you didn't know, Will is my favourite character. To me he's the most relatable and realistic. He sort of reminds me of the little voice inside my head.
    • Lyra's world was m…

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  • LimeInABush

    HTML HDM Pages

    July 24, 2018 by LimeInABush

    Hi everyone!

    So recently I've been learning some html (a coding language for those who didn't know) and I had a go at recreating a fandom page in this format. 

    The page I chose to recreate was St Alexander. First I just made a simple page with some text and a header in standard font with a coloured background. I then added a photo of the league of Saint Alexander's symbol. That was all pretty good, but it wan't connected to this wiki and didn't have any of the attributes of a fandom page. 

    So then I decided to learn how to add links. I went to a website and found out the code and then added in a link to the league of Saint Alexander page and a link to this wiki. I also then added in some links to Saint Alexander's categories (eg. humans, male…

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  • LimeInABush

    Hi readers! With the new book of dust ( The Secret Commonwealth ) coming out later this year, I decided to look back on the series and give my thoughts about the books. So first, the Northern Lights.

    While reading book one I was not into the series much yet. However, I found it was an interesting and good book so I went onto the second book. 

    I will be continuing this blog later, but I cannot currently finish it if you are reading this.

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