"From Dust thou art, and unto Dust shalt thou return once NightSpeakers has finished with you!"
—Lyra reads from the Bible[src]
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Welcome to my userpage!

This is my profile, it contains information about me and various other things I want to showcase.

This profile is quite lengthy...read with care in case there a few wild links, untamed images or poisonous blogs.

Hi there, I see you've stumbled across my user page! I'm NightSpeakers, an admin on the HDM wiki. I've been lurking on the wiki since 7th August, 2018 and have made 10 000+ edits. Reach out to me on my Message Wall if you need anything, whether it's an admin task, a question on the wiki or if you need something from my bot. Below are sections containing more information about me and various other things I have on display.

About me Complete and utter vanity

Hello there, I'm NightSpeakers. I'm from the UK and, evidently, am a huge fan of His Dark Materials! I enjoy reading, certain sports, reading alethiometers, languages, and whatnot.

I'm a native speaker of English, an intermediate/advanced learner of French and enjoy studying Ancient Greek in my spare time.

How I came upon HDM

I first read Northern Lights back in 2011/2012 from a family recommendation. I devoured the first book, loving this new world I'd found and I'll always remember the first time I really got into this amazing universe that Pullman created. I'd soon finished the second and third book where the plot just got bigger - it was incredible! I then watched the film soon after, aah well...

The film had some pretty good visual effects and a lot of the actors are amazing but you never could squeeze Northern Lights into a 100 minute film without cutting out so much. It could have been so good, but lots of things just went wrong and it flopped.

I came back to the books a few years later (late 2014/early 2015) when I was searching the Kindle Store and came across this new book called The Collectors. I immediately began jumping up and down, thinking it was a continuation from the last book and that all my questions could be answered. Well, it was better than nothing, I did enjoy the story, but marketing it as a 'His Dark Materials story' is something I can't forgive. I also re-read the trilogy for the second time, loving it just as much as when I first read it.

Back in 2017, I found out that La Belle Sauvage was being released, and I couldn't wait! I'd never heard of The Book of Dust before (which Pullman had mentioned in interviews going back a decade) and was extremely happy to find out how long it was and that it would include Lyra!

I remember reading the book - hugely enjoyable, it was great to reconnect with the world of dæmons again. I read it pretty soon after it was released and was quite confused by some of the things I read (which I couldn't remember in the books). So, in order to stop the confusion, the following year (around February) I re-read the trilogy for a third time as part of a readathon.

It was because of the wiki that I decided to, finally, read the companion books (I was aware of them, but back in those dark ages, they weren't available as ebooks). Since joining the wiki, I've read Once Upon a Time in the North and Lyra's Oxford with Serpentine being released during my time here. I also picked up the graphic novel from my local library - I love the drawings in them and can't wait for the rest to be translated from French.

I found out about the TV series because of the wiki (on the home page) shortly after I joined and was estatic! It was an absolute joy to watch and all the excitement leading up to both the first and second series with the trailers being released was great to be involved in.

HDM Wiki

I came across the wiki a few years ago, when searching for things related to HDM. Another user on a coding site (I created a bunch of HDM-releated projects there) said I should get involved in the wiki, and that I did! I created my account on the 7th August 2018 and began editing. It was small things at first (and I made plenty of mistakes), then I created my bot and then I started making large expansions to various biographies.

I remember the wiki on just over 700 pages and am really happy that I've been able to grow and nurture it!

I was offered adminship not too long after I'd been on the wiki for 1 year and accepted almost immediately! It's great to be able to give back to this community and help other new users, get involved in discussion posts and work with our Wiki Manager to grow excitement for the TV series.

You can find out more about what my contributions on the wiki look like below.


Ping me on my Message Wall if you want something, I should reply within 3 days (no promises) or a bit longer if there's a notice on my profile saying I'm away. I check in on the wiki pretty much daily but sometimes it takes a while to get round to editing and revertin vandalism. However long I've been absent for, I try to look through all the past revisions and keep the wiki up to scratch. I post quite often on Discussions and am a stalker of Special:RecentChanges.

You can ask me about a variety of different things on my Message Wall, though I do have a few guidelines! You can ask me to do various admin tasks, do things with my bot, question me about the wiki and a whole load of other things - don't be afraid to reach out and say hello. Don't forget that there's also the other admins you can talk to!


Best contributions

This is a list of page I made on the wiki that I'm rather proud of or pages that I've heavily contributed to:


A full list of blogs can be seen here. I blog sporadically and mostly some boring things, but check if you wish!

Things I'll probably forget to do

Sub pages

I have a few different sub pages. Some are css/js pages for testing/adding to the wiki. The main ones are my sandbox, timeline (various quotes from the books indicating time), links (for various links to archives and posts to do with the TV series) and other languages (detailing names of the books in other languages).

My thoughts


The list of the books favourite --> least favourite:

  1. Northern Lights
  2. La Belle Sauvage
  3. The Amber Spyglass
  4. Once Upon a Time in the North
  5. The Subtle Knife
  6. Lyra's Oxford
  7. Serpentine
  8. The Collectors


I love most of the characters and love the way Pullman described some. Here's a list of my favourites:

  1. Roger Parslow (loved Roger's character)
  2. Alice Parslow (the attitude!)
  3. John Parry (the calming attitude he had on life)
  4. Mary Malone (and all the mulefa)
  5. Marisa Coulter (the evilness, I love trying to impersonate her xD)
  6. Lyra Silvertongue (if there's one person you've got to love)
  7. Gerard Bonneville (got to love an evil genius)
  8. Coram van Texel
  9. Iorek Byrnison
  10. William Parry
  11. Malcolm Polstead
  12. Serafina Pekkala
  13. Balthamos
  14. Carlo Boreal
  15. Atal

Editing habits

I normally check in on the wiki daily (unless there's a message on my profile) but I sometimes might not edit for weeks. I try to revert vandalism as often as possible and update pages which are in need of updating.

During times when a new epsiode is released/new book is published, I'll focus on that, otherwise, it's a variety of different tasks that I do.

I'm trying to remember to mark my edits as minor, no promises! I enjoy doing various coding/MediaWiki jobs.


My status is...can't wait for The Secret Commonwealth and the HDM TV series! on Friday 23 of April, 2021!

What I hate

  1. Lists
  2. The colour red
  3. Lists
  4. Repetition
  5. The number 5

  E. Inconsistency


Will Parry: "I wanted to go through after you."
Lyra Silvertongue: "I wanted to stay."
Will Parry: "But then I remembered what my dad said. There’s no elsewhere..."
Lyra Silvertongue: "You must be where you are..."
Will Parry: "...and where you are is the place that matters most of all..."
Lyra Silvertongue: "...‘cause it’s the only place where you can make..."
Will Parry: "...where you can build..."
Lyra Silvertongue: "...where you can share..."
Will Parry: "...what you’ve been looking for all along..."
Lyra Silvertongue: "NightSpeakers' profile."
— Touching dialogue between Lyra and Will at the end of the play[src]


Wikia-Visualization-Main,hdm.png This user's dæmon is a Labord's chameleon.

~~~~NightSpeakers, 23.04.2021

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