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  • My occupation is Software Developer
  • I am Female

Hi all, big fan of His Dark Materials here. I'm a bureaucrat here on the wiki, and I will update this page with more information later. MusicaLƎƎ (talk) I was formerly known as Lenalia Row.

Works in ProgressEdit

  • Get articles up to featured article status
    • The expansion of Lyra Silvertongue
    • The expansion of Will Parry
      • Find the last Peter Bailey image from The Subtle Knife - the one of Will and John to add to the John Parry section
      • Find the Peter Bailey image of the bears' boat to add to the Looking for Lyra section

To DoEdit

  • Expand user page (lol)
  • Request a spotlight closer to release of TV/TSC
  • Deal with orphaned pages
  • Find images to add to these pages
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