Ulvercote Elementary School was a school in Wolvercote, around a mile away from The Trout Inn, which prepared children for craftsmanship or clerking. Children were educated there until the age of fourteen.[1]

During Malcolm Polstead's time at Ulvercote, the Consistorial Court of Discipline began to attempt to infiltrate and influence the educational system via the invasive League of St Alexander.

The school had a dining hall where they would serve food like boiled swede and jam rolls to the students.[2]

Known studentsEdit

Known staffEdit

  • Mr Willis, the Headmaster, who opposed the League of St Alexander and subsequently went missing.
  • Mr Hawkins, the Deputy Head, who was sympathetic to the League of St Alexander. After Mr Willis's disappearance Mr Hawkins took over the school.
  • Mr Croker, the woodwork teacher, with whom Malcolm got along with.
  • Miss Davis, the emotional music teacher.
  • Mr Johnson, who taught an unknown subject and expressed a pious fervour in favour of the League of St Alexander.
  • Mr Savery, the maths teacher, who "hated" the League.
  • Mrs Blanchard



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