Tullio was a young man from Cittàgazze. He lived in the Torre degli Angeli until he lost the subtle knife in a fight with Will Parry and was eventually attacked by Spectres.


Tullio lived in Cittàgazze with his younger sister Angelica and brother Paolo. When Tullio reached puberty, he became vulnerable to the Spectres which infested the city. He went to the Torre degli Angeli and presumably fought the bearer of the subtle knife, Giacomo Paradisi, eventually tying him loosely down with a piece of rope on the roof of the tower. He stole the subtle knife and went down the tower to a second floor room. As he was not the true bearer of the knife, he could not use it to cut windows between worlds, but it acted as a safeguard against the Spectres.

When Will and Lyra Silvertongue were making there way into the tower and saw Tullio in the room, jabbing about with the subtle knife as if dancing. A short while later, Tullio found his way to the roof of the tower, possibly to check on Giacomo or to ask him questions. However, when he got there, he saw Will and Lyra and began to fight them. He had a knife and they had no weapon, however, Will and Lyra still managed to make him fall and drop the weapon after he had chopped off two of Will's fingers. In the end, Tullio was defeated and he ran from the tower.

He then fled down into the streets, where he was surrounded by Spectres. He tried to keep them at bay by counting the bricks on the wall to distract his mind, but this failed and the Spectres attacked him. Despite his siblings, Angelica and Paolo, grabbing hold of him and trying, to no avail, to keep the Spectres away, Tullio's soul was eaten by the Spectres. Angelica and Paolo saw Lyra up in the tower's window and sweared to kill the two of the children.[1]



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