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Trollesund was the main port of Lapland near Norroway[1] in the North.


Coram van Texel visited two scholars at the University of Uppsala with a message from Martin Lanselius of the consul of the witches.[2]

Lyra Belacqua and Farder Coram met with Martin Lanselius, the Witch-Consul, in Trollesund on their journey to rescue the children from Bolvangar. When Lyra was outside, using her alethiometer to find the cloud-pine Serafina Pekkala had once used, Lanselius told Coram that, according to a prophecy, the young girl would be the one to save all the worlds.[1]

On the advice of Lanselius, Lyra helped Iorek Byrnison, a panserbjørn, to find his armour which had been stolen from him by the inhabitants of Trollesund. It was also here where Lyra first met Lee Scoresby, and where Scoresby was hired by the gyptians.[3]

Later, Serafina flew to Lanselius to ask him about Lord Asriel and what he had done. Lanselius told her about the rumours going round and about how the Magisterium were assembling a large army.[4]

Following the devestation from Asriel's window, the snow and permafrost had loosened and lots of archaeological work was possible. Jordan College at this point sponsored a dig to go looking for the Proto-Fisher people.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

  • There is an actual city called Trollesund in Sweden but it is not located in Lapland and doesn't have a port.
  • On a map designed for the His Dark Materials play[6], Trollesund is located somewhere in the Loppa municipality of Loppa. It's administrative centre is Øksfjord, which was an important regional fishing village. Moreover, Øksfjord sounds like Oxford, which could be a pun from the author.


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