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His Dark Materials

"Yambe-Akka! Come to me, come to me!"
—The witch voicing her wish to die[src]

The tortured witch was captured by Marisa Coulter and her General Oblation Board after the battle at Bolvangar. She was a member of the Taymyr clan, which was allied with the General Oblation Board until they found out they were cutting away children's dæmons.[1] Her dæmon managed to call upon Serafina Pekkala for help, but they did not reach his witch in time to save her.

The witch was tortured by the crew members on the ship she was held captive upon, and also by Marisa Coulter herself. Serafina Pekkala graciously killed her when she called upon Yambe-Akka, who is supposed to come to a witch when she is about to die.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the TV series, the tortured witch is named Katja and is killed by Ruta Skadi (against the wishes of Serafina).[2]


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