Thuringia Potash, sometimes abbreviated to TP, was a powerful pharmaceutical company from Lyra's world. An executive of this company attended the Magisterial Congress, which the company had sponsored, when Lyra Silvertongue was 20.[1]

The company had been supplying explosives and fertiliser companies with potash dug up in Thuringia for centuries, but diversified into manufacturing at around the time Lyra was born. This was because huge profit was to be made in pharmaceuticals and arms. They were an enormous company, with ties to the Magisterium, and had had great success with the painkiller Treptizam, which allowed them to put a large amount of profit into funding further research with teams of skilled scientists.

The company was privately owned, with no shareholders to please. All of the products they made contained the letters 'T' and 'P'. Ted Cartwright told Malcolm Polstead that he had seen the initials on the trucks of the men from the mountains who destroyed the rose gardens and Tashbulak botanical research station, probably also supplying them with modern arms. He also revealed that his nurse was in their pay, and had been drugging him to talk before giving him the poison that would kill him.

Anita Schlesinger theorised with Malcolm that Thuringia Potash was after the roses. Glenys Godwin also had reason to believe they were associated with the Magisterium's intention to capture and control the rose gardens. Anita and Bud Schlesinger believed that Anita's journalistic research into the company was one of the reasons their Smyrna apartment was fire-bombed.[2]

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