• Why did you remove Lee's age? It's only logical that he is 59 or possibly 60, just going by mathematics. Lyra's birth year and age, the date Lee met Iorek and his age at the time. That should comes out to 59-60.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I've seen the argument over the year being 1962.

    EDIT 2: I FOUND THE AGE BIT! Last page of Once Upon a Time in the North:  "He'd learned his lesson; he looked after it well for the rest of his life, and thirty-five years later, the Winchester was in his hands when he died." This line directly states that Lee Scoresby died 35 years after the events of the short story. 24+35=59.

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    • Yeah, the dates in Lyra's world are really annoying and it's something I'll probably look around to cleaning up on the wiki in the new year :P...perhaps we'll get a solid date in the next book. Thanks for asking anyway and for being on the wiki so long!

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    • Night, please see the edit of my post. I found the bit about his age. It says he died 35 years after the events of the short story.

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    • Ahah! Thanks for that :) - I've put around 59 seeing as the thirty five years could be thirty five years and a few months and could have gone past his birthday. Thanks again!

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