• Thanks for correcting that for me - I missed it when I altered the link to contain the whole word. I've just tweaked it again; I've noticed a lot of plurals links don't have the "s" included as part of the link in the editor. Just in case you didn't know, you can sourcecode it like so: [[Spectre|Spectres]] to show the plural without the link being broken :) You can also do it in the normal editor by writing the whole word and then changing the hyperlink text, but I'm guessing you know that bit :D Thanks again! And yeah... I feel you on the recent election -_-

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    • No problem :P. Oh, I didn't know it broke the link - does it? We use a lot of Spectres generally because it's simpler (and it's in our policy), Spectres (Spectres) does seem to work for me.

      Don't let me rant on about it...I haven't felt right since Thursday. :/ Brexit's going to be horrible...

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