• Hi Lime,

    Idekmandy has just made a test wiki, which includes new and improved designs for the wiki, which I hope you'll be blown away by as much as I was! Hopefully, before the TV series airs, we can move these ideas onto the actual wiki. These were the ideas for the changes in design and Mandy has, so far, done the wordmark & theme, I did the navigation a few months ago (any suggestions welcome) and the home page & infoboxes will come soon! You've been given admin rights on the test wiki too (until it's deleted) so you can see how certain things work on the new sceme.

    Not everything's set in stone, though, feedback/suggestions/questions are welcome on the test wiki. At some point, a Discussions post/Message Wall thread will be made where you can post things like that.


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    • Another thing is the URL of the wiki. Mandy has suggested changing to to make the wiki more searchable. Doing this will have a major impact on our SEO, help more potential readers find the wiki and (possibly) help us overtake other sites in search ranking (particularly trying to get the wiki to the top spot when searching Lyra Silvertongue).

      Please let me know as soon as you can if you're ok with the wiki's URL being changed so Mandy can ask staff to update it before the TV series is out. If you have any suggestions for a better URL feel free to reply with that too. Hope to hear back from you by Sunday so that we can update it quickly! Thanks!

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    • Sorry for the late reply on the matter, I was on a school tour.

      I was very impressed with the new wiki (I love the wordmark)! I'll try and have a closer look around as soon as possible so that I can make any suggestions.

      I'm definitely fine with updating the URL, I can definitely see how it would help us gain more editors.


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