• Hi there! How are you? I'm part of the FANDOM staff, and in preparation for the upcoming HDM series, I was wondering if you would mind if I made a few minor main page updates? Just adding a video section, maybe some new headers, a social media section, or anything else you'd have in mind!

    Let me know what you think or if you prefer it as is! Thanks!

    Asnow89 @@fandom (profile)•(talk) 18:24, October 28, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Hi! Thanks for getting in touch! This is definitely something we need (and I'm sure the other admins agree). I discussed this 2+ months ago with out WM, Idekmandy, and she's promised to do a full design make-over (theme, wordmark, home page and more) before the series premieres - see here - but I'm not sure if she's even started a test wiki yet. I've jotted down quite a few ideas on that thread that might give you some more ideas - although we already have a social media space, perhaps you're thinking of making it more prominent?

      I'm definitely behind it, however, it would probably be better if you talked to Mandy about it (she might have a few ideas to contribute, she might have already fully designed it or might be planning to do it herself, not wanting to have to undo your edits - no matter how minor - that you've spent precious time on when she gets round to designing the wiki)!

      Thanks again!

      P.S. I've got a few concerns/requests about other things on FANDOM to do with the TV series. I'm not sure if you'll be able to do anything about them, but perhaps you'll be able to speak to someone who can:

      1. On the FANDOM main page, HDM is listed however the image is quite boring, definitely not eye-catching and something the ordinary viewer will probably skip across. Also, the character, Lee Scoresby (who is the character in that photo), won't appear until at least episode 4. The photo was added a few months ago and there's been two posters that have been released since then which include a lot more of the characters and are much more eye-catching. Perhaps you'll be able to change them? Posters: here and here
      2. I emailed staff about this over a month ago but there hasn't been any change and I doubt there will be in the next six days. The picture for the wiki on the app is of the main character, Lyra, from the 2007 film which very few people will be looking for and not very many will even recognise. Perhaps you'll be able to update this photo to one of Dafne Keen, the new Lyra, or even this one of Iorek, one of the fan-favourites.
      3. This is out of interest, have you been able to give official wiki status to any wikis related to BBC shows (or, even more likely, HBO shows). It would be great to become an official wiki but I'd like to know if it's happened before with similar wikis.
      4. When searching up the HDM wiki on other wikis, on the side of the serach results, below the wiki's image, there's a description of the wiki has no mention of the TV series. I can't see anyway to change this text - can you help with that?
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    • Ooh ok great will talk to Mandy about those changes!

      re your requests- Official wiki status isn't possible because the TV shows pay us to be official partners for those wikis :/

      1..let me ask around about this to see who manages this page, I'll let you know when I found out

      2 and 4 - I'm pretty sure admins have rights to edit these sections however the links to reach them I forget. Going to ask around and see what I can find out.

      Keep you posted!!!!

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    • OK re 2 and 4- this can be edited in the wiki's Mobile Main Page (admins only)!

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    • Thanks for asking around! Although, I am a bit confused by this - for 4, the text on the mobile main page was updated sometime in January so I can't imagine it's a caching issue. As for 2, I can't see an option on it anywhere on the mobile main page - the wiki was added to the FANDOM app around Autumn last year and I think the app team must have made the image (they've cut the background from an image of Lyra) and I'm pretty certain none of the admins back then did it, the image doesn't appear at all on Special:Images or on the mobile main page!

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    • Oooh ok interesting.... let me ask again and try to find out!!

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    • Sorry for the delay!! I was out of town for a few days! OK checking back in... so for your requests, I asked Idekmandy about it- she sent a request for #2 to the design team, let's wait for a follow up from her about that.

      1. 4- she's also unsure, so she's asking someone who might know today and we will see if we hear bacK!

      Also talked to her about the main page-- she gave me the go ahead to make a few edits. I'll try to update them today. Once I do, I welcome any and all feedback so if you want anything changed or added definitely let me know!

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    • OK I made a few updates to the main page :) Let me know what you think! Any sections you would like added? I kept it pretty much the same except for a new video section, new headers, and a bit more organization.

      One thought is for the slider- there are two video links in there but now that there is a video section, perhaps there is another part of the wiki you'd like to highlight?


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    • Love it! Thanks so much - the headers are definitely better and I really like the new boxes around the images <3! A couple of queries:

      1. The footer - we removed recently the literature footer from the wiki as it seems that those programs have been retired and are no longer updated (although perhaps they are being revived?). If that is something that should stay, could you fix the link from 'Want your community included? See how.' - the link is broken which doesn't look good on the home page - it goes to the entertainment wiki rather than the television wiki!
      2. Videos - is it necessary to include the description that they have on Youtube on the videos (with lots of links to other sites and some characters that make the page look weird, like hashtags) or can I revert those to the smaller description that sometimes provides a better description of the file?
      3. Mobile - is there any way that it can be optimised for mobile? When using the mercury skin, the bottom part (Twitter, Poll, Discussions and TV footer) don't really work.

      Yep, I'll update the slider shortly! I'll see if I can think of anything else but certainly nothing springs to mind at the moment! :)

      Thanks so much!

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    • Wonderful, glad you like it!

      The footer- you make a good point, I think they are edited at the discretion of staff. I deleted the outdated links. If this is something you don't think is necessary, I can absolutely delete it! just let me know :)

      Videos- unfortunately the wiki automatically pulls the title of the videos and puts them below the video (perhaps there is code to delete this but I"m not sure how). However- you can change the file name by clicking on the video and clicking "rename". Then whatever you name it as will show up. Let me know if you need help with this part.

      Mobile-- the main page can only be edited for mobile by admins, so unfortunately I don't have access even with some staff rights! Here is a help page for editing or if it seems confusing, maybe I can walk you through it.

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    • P.S. for the footer - it might take a bit for the cache to catch up and refresh on this wiki.

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    • Thanks for the quick reply!

      1. It might be for the best seeing as quite a few of those wikis are small and inactive as well as a few not having the footer on them at all. It might be better to replace it with another section...
      2. Oops! I didn't explain properly although thanks for reminding me of that - I'd forgotten! I meant the actual file page (File:Everything you need to know about His Dark Materials - BBC, for example) - can we revert it back to a smaller description with less links?
      3. For this, I think I probably should update the mobile main page. But here, when you click 'view more' and scroll down, it doesn't look very neat - is there any way to hide some of those templates/clean them up?


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    • Hi!

      1. No problem, just deleted - if another section comes to mind let me know!
      2. Ahh I see now- I just fixed the description.
      3. The view more section pulls automatically from the main page slider- so you could either change the slider, or perhaps there is another way to edit the mobile main page? I can't see the editing section to check it out unfortunately because I don't have the admin rights!
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