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    17:27, September 20, 2019

    Hi NightSpeakers, I'd like to extend an invitation to become an admin on the wiki (I have extended the same invitation to LimeInABush). I've found myself caught up in work lately and I'm realizing that my work around the wiki has definitely been slacking. I am definitely going to need help in the next few months with everything that will be happening regarding His Dark Materials (tv and book releases). Please don't feel pressured. Only accept this invitation if you have the time to dedicate to the wiki and if it's something that interests you :) And feel free to ask any/all the questions you want before giving me an answer.

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    • Oh wow! Thanks so much for the offer! Will ArgentFir/evilquoll have any input in this before promotion? Very tempting to just accept on the spot but I think I have a question or two first:

      1. If both Lime and I accept, what would be doing for a user in the future who wants to gain adminship (assuming none of us 'retire')? Would we consider giving moderator rights if the wiki gets popular or even have more than 5 admins?
      2. What kind of thing would have to be discussed in His Dark Materials:Administrative Discussions? I assume that would be things like if the wiki theme/navigation were to be majorly changed, or adding actor pages on the wiki, enabling achievements (I'm not planning on those last two things, just examples!) but would minor things be discussed there too? And if we were to go with some of Idekmandy's suggestions, would this be something that all admins should be discussing?
      3. Are we still adding the welcome template to new users' Message Walls, would that be something I might need to do in the future?
      4. I'm not all the fussed about bureaucrat rights, nothing I would need to do would involve having bureaucrat status, but would (say in a year/few months/when an admin leaves the wiki) Lime and I be granted bureaucrat rights?
      5. Finally, would it be possible to give my bot to content moderator rights? This would allow me to mass protect/delete/move pages (in extreme cases) but also allow the bot to edit various fully protected pages!

      Thanks in advance for your answers!

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    • So, ArgentFir and evilquoll are welcome to comment (I will reach out to them on their talk pages shortly), but I very much doubt they will object in having more help around the wiki. I'll be promoting as soon as you and/or LimeInABush accept because it's in the best interest of the wiki to get more admins as soon as possible.

      1. Any future admins will need to go through a process which we can all discuss at a more convenient time. The reason I'm offering this position to you now is for the wiki's sake. Anyone in the future will likely become moderators before being considered for adminship (if you'd prefer to be a moderator rather than an admin, I can do that too :P )

      2. That page was created mainly for major discussions, any minor decisions can probably be discussed via our respective message walls. So if you want another admin's advice/help with an issue, just post on their message wall. If it's something major, post on the AD page.

      3. Yes, this is something I actively try to do and would hope future admins can help with. How I'd like it to go in the future with more admins is that whoever posts the welcome message on a new user's page should generally keep an eye on that user and provide any help/advice that they might need.

      4. This is definitely something that can be considered in the future. Adminship is a step in the right direction for any future bureaucrat desires.

      5. As of now, we haven't needed a bot to do anything that major (yet), but if that need should arise, we can talk about giving the bot updated rights.

      Thanks for even considering this position. One thing I will ask for if you accept the position is that you read through all of our policies (just to refresh your mind) and bring to my attention anything that might be a cause for concern or any updated policy ideas. Other than that, I'll trust you to start using your admin rights to improve the wiki.

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    • Thanks for the reply! Just a quick question for #3, I've seen you welcome a user who has only posted something on Discussions (it was the welcome message, not a reminder of the guidelines), I only recall you doing this once but is welcoming users to Discussions something I should be doing? And just another one: what kind of post should be put into the announcements category on Discussions?

      I've been re-reading the policies over the past few months, checking for spelling mistakes, but I'll do a thorough read-through of them now! Other than that, I think I'm ready to become admin...

      "And so NightSpeakers and NightSpeakers's dæmon turned away from the world they were born in, and looked towards the sun, and walked into the sky."
      —It was the perfect opportunity, sorry!
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    • I am certainly in favour of extending adminship to both NightSpeakers and LimeInABush, particularly given the considerable work they have done to improve the wiki since joining. I know that the limited time I can dedicate is unfortunately unlikely to change for the forseeable, so having capable hands ready to deal with the exciting times ahead is very welcome.

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    • NightSpeakers, welcome to the admin team! I've just granted you rights. You will now be able to access the admin dashboard and have a lot more capabilities. If you have any questions, please reach out to me!

      Edit: One note, if applicable, please remove the coloring of your name from your signature. You will now be colored magenta, to let people know you are an admin.

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    • Thanks so much!

      I remember thinking that, I'll remove it now and I might get my bot to slowly remove the rest!

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    • Oh, don't use your bot to edit past signatures please xD Keeping a record of when you were/weren't an admin is important :)

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    • Aaah, I've just checked my old signature on the forums. Although the colour is still green, it's bold now and has a magenta underline so it's fine!

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