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The Scholar is the fifth episode in the second series of the TV series. It was broadcast on 6 December 2020 in the UK and 14 December 2020 in the US and internationally.[1]

In this episode, Lyra Silvertongue and William Parry try and get back what was taken while Mary Malone does something risky.[2]


In Will's world, Marisa Coulter sits in a car, looking at the people there, before being handed a coffee by Carlo Boreal. Carlo tells her about how corrupt the world is compared to their's. In Cittàgazze, Will tries to make a window with the subtle knife but is not able to and throws it at the wall. He and Lyra discuss opening windows into Boreal's house in order to get the alethiometer back.

As Marisa enters Boreal's house, he tells her about his life in that world. He tells her that when Lyra arrives, they can trade the alethiometer for the subtle knife and he can give Lyra to her. Meanwhile, in Cittàgazze, Lyra encourages Will to cut a window and they travel across the city trying to find an opening that opens near Boreal's house.

While sitting on a sofa, Boreal tells Marisa about Mary Malone as she wants to know what Lyra is thinking.[3] The Magisterium discuss what they should do about the window in the North. After Father Graves suggests denying the existence of the window, a guard comes in and tells them of witches crossing. Hugh MacPhail demands that the guards assist Graves to a cell for not believing in the cause. He then asks Pavel Rasek to consult his alethiometer to find out where Marisa Coulter has gone.

After picking some new clothes, Marisa puts her dæmon in a bedroom and leaves the house to his distress. Mrs Coulter visits Mary in her private office and introduces herself as Lyra's mother. They talk about theology and science and, after Mary asks about her doctorate and goes to pour some coffee, Marisa disappears. Later, she asks Google about her but finds nothing. The Cave then tells her to play the serpent and that she must find the entrance, deceive the guard, and save the girl and boy. The Cave then shuts down and Mary leaves.

When talking about how they can get back the alethiometer, Lyra and Will hear a wailing sound and discover Angelica and Paola mourning over Tullio (who was consumed by the Spectres). Angelica realises that they took the knife and that they were a part in Tullio's fate. Incredibly upset, Angelica tells them that she will get them.

At home, Mary reads the Bible to learn about the serpent. Her sister, Zoe, then visits and they talk about Mary's future. Mary tells her that she is going to go elsewhere. On the night, Will and Lyra cut a window through to Boreal's house. Boreal and Marisa, who are in his basement, talk about Marisa's past and her being so upset about being suppressed by the Magisterium. As Lyra rings the doorbell, Will cuts a window and sneaks in and, when about to steal the alethiometer, sees Mrs Coulter's dæmon snatching it away. When Lyra comes down, she and Coulter see each other, both in shock.

When Marisa tells Lyra that she is so like her, Pan attacks her dæmon leaving Coulter in pain. Boreal tells Will that it would be unfortunate for anything to happen to his mother. Will then attacks him as Boreal twists his wounded hand. Will then smashes an ornament on Boreal's head and gets the alethiometer before pulling Lyra through a window and shutting it behind them. Safe, Lyra thanks him and says that she felt horrible mirroring her mother's actions. She then promises to do nothing but help him find his father. Boreal then talks Marisa about the Spectres in the crossroad world that they need to avoid. Marisa says that they need to try to get to know them and gain power over them.

Having approached the hornbeam trees, Mary tries to deceive the guard who thinks that she's Marisa Coulter. He then lets her pass and she goes through the tent he is guarding and through the window into Cittàgazze.[4]


"The Scholar" presumably refers to Mary Malone and is not - like many other episode titles - a reference to a chapter in The Subtle Knife.


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