Hello, may I please have an explanation as to why list of countries in Lyra's world page was deleted? Wikis do use 'lists' do they not? - if not, please advise on how best to list countries if I somehow did the wrong thing. It is, of course, important to include countries that are canonically specified as this is a valuable portion of Pullman's world-building - particularly re: Lyra's world (the map from the Golden Compass is, of course, problematic). If the answer to the page's deletion was due to speculation, I think that there can be reasonable assumptions made about the status of Countries as per their parallel with countries in our own world; for example there needs to be clarification to Brytain and the Isles and England, Wales etc (which are clearly countries within a country; as they are in our world). Further to this, the Policy page clearly states: 'Policies need to be approached with common sense; adhere to the spirit rather than the letter of the rules, and be prepared to ignore the rules on the rare occasions when they conflict with the goal of improving the wiki. [my emphases]'. Cheers Emilykoroleva (talk) 15:47, November 11, 2017 (UTC)

As explained in the deletion log entry for 13:21 (UK time), which can be seen on Special:Recentchanges, the country list is unnecessary as we have a category which serves the same purpose. — evilquoll (talk) 18:27, November 11, 2017 (UTC)
Brill, thanks. I thought I had examined the Recent changes page which didn't show me anything re: deletions  however clearly it wasn't the same one. Countries/nations will now be added much more slowly (I was working from the list which was useful) but I guess we will get there eventually. Cheers - Emilykoroleva (talk) 18:58, November 12, 2017 (UTC)
If you want, I could undelete the list page and move it to a subpage of your user page, so you could work from it again. If I do that, just remember to let us know when you've finished with it, so it can be deleted again. :-) — evilquoll (talk) 19:59, November 12, 2017 (UTC)
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