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The section on the tearing process is probably wrong. Though it's stated that the Tarters performed intercision 'better by hand', it's never stated what method was involved. The only instances we have documented where daemons are 'torn' from their owners, are the death of Roger; in which it was fatal - and the shamanic/witch traditions which are reported by John Parry and Serafina Pekkala and experienced by Lyra Silvertongue and Will Parry. 20:10, September 24, 2016 (UTC)

I've compiled some evidence from Northern Lights and my thoughts surrounding intercision:
  • The actual quote from Chapter 16 is that the "Skraelings did it better by hand" after "centuries of practice", rather than the Tartars. I haven't yet found any quote relating Tartars to intercision, but the discussions throughout the series imply these sort of things were very wide spread and had been happening for many generations.
  • Shortly after these first quotes, a second Bolvanger doctor mentions that "simply tearing has been the only option for some time", meaning it is most likely that tearing is the method everyone had used prior to Bolvangar.
  • Asriel also talks to Lyra about intercision in Chapter 21. He describes castration as a precedent to intercision, implying the natural progression between the two as the latter is more "hygenic" and "gentler by comparison", but achieves much the same ends.
    • I think the background of castration as a forerunner to intercision and as explained by Asriel should be mentioned more directly, possibly with reference to Ruta Skadi's mentioning of genital mutilation in The Amber Spyglass. It is clear that intercision is an illusion by Pullman to genital mutilation, both in the mentioning of similaries in the books and by the nature of Dust and the Magesterium wanting to control sexuality. (This could partially be done in a Behind the Scenes section and regardless the mentions of Asriel and Ruta Skadi need to be rewritten anyway to be in-universe.
  • Finally, also in Chapter 21 of Northern Lights, Asriel mentions that the "Africans have a way of making a slave" who will work hard without complaining or trying to escape as result of intercision. I don't recall and have not found any reference to Tartars making zombis as stated on the page, but it is possible I am missing something. I remember Mrs Coulter mentioning in The Subtle Knife that she had soldiers who were fearless and without dæmons, so I suppose these men were arguably zombis, too.

- ArgentFir 19:06, September 26, 2016 (UTC)

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