This prison was where Lord Asriel was kept when he was captured by Iofur Raknison in Svalbard. It sat atop a wide slope and was positioned on a crag. Unlike a conventional prison, it was spacious and personal, with several rooms. It was lit by naphtha lamps and had large glass windows.[1] Asriel designed the prison and decided the location himself.

Parts of the prisonEdit


At the entrance to the house there was a courtyard. It was surrounded by a low wall with a gate. Beyond the courtyard there was the front door which had a bell. When Lyra Silvertongue and Roger Parslow visited the prison, the courtyard was under a thick layer of snow.[1]


The hall was beyond the entrance to the prison, past an inner door. It was furnished with a coal fireplace with a stone grate, carpets, leather chairs and naphtha lighting.[1]


The bathroom had a rail that heated towels, as well as a bathtub. It was lit by naphtha lamps.[1]

Living roomEdit

The living room had large windows and overlooked the sea below. It contained a coal fireplace under a chimneypiece and several armchairs.[1]



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