This boy was one of many children who wandered the city of Cittàgazze. When a cat appeared in the city one day, he was at the helm of a group of children who were throwing rocks at it as they thought it was bad luck. A boy named Will Parry shoved the striped T-shirt boy to the ground, rescuing the cat.[1]

Later, the boy wielded a pistol and led a group of about forty or fifty children, which included Angelica and Paolo, in an attack on Will and his companion Lyra Silvertongue. The gorup chased the two into the Belvedere tower where the boy shot his pistol two or three times wildly. Once inside the building, the pistol went off accidentally and one of the children in the group was hit.

The boy then scrambled onto the roof of the tower, having lost the pistol, and locked eyes with Will. They were ready to fight until Kaisa, a witch's dæmon, came down, scaring the boy into sliding off the roof and running away.[2]

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