Saint Alexander was a saint from North Africa who turned in his parents for worshipping idols. He was amazed by the religion Christianity and converted himself to it when it came to his town. The League of St Alexander was named in his honour.[1]

Miss Carmichael claimed that Alexander's family worshipped an evil god, mocked Christians and made sacrifices at an altar in their cellar. Alexander had converted after hearing a missionary speak in the marketplace. The province governor Regulus also converted and ordered that his officials should do the same. Alexander reported his parents to the authorities after they did not comply with Regulus' interdiction of paganism.

The lamp that forms the symbol of the League was used by Alexander to guide the soldiers to his family one night. They were put to death in the marketplace the next day. Alexander was rewarded and became a hunter of atheists and pagans. He was subsequently made a saint after his death.[1]

Notably, the nun Sister Fenella was unaware of him.[2]

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