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Welcome to the His Dark Materials Wiki!

We're a comprehensive encyclopedia of all things to do with Philip Pullman's bestselling trilogies: His Dark Materials and The Book of Dust as well as the upcoming BBC TV series, New Line Cinema's film and the video game.

Anybody can edit the wiki but, before you get started, please read our policies. These show the guidelines about how articles are written and will make sure we don't have undo your hard work because it doesn't comply.

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What to work on

At the moment, we're focusing our edits on improving articles related to the TV series and The Secret Commonwealth.

TV series

We want to make sure we get all the images/information from new episodes very soon after they air. You can join us discussing the episodes as they air on Discussions and on chat. Please help us by:

Title card
  1. Adding images via Special:Upload
  2. Expanding our coverage of Northern Lights characters/locations
  3. Improving biographies and references
  4. Adding information new to the TV series

The Secret Commonwealth

The Secret Commonwealth final cover

With the new book that has just come out, a load of new content came out. We're working on articles related to The Secret Commonwealth at the moment. Feel free to discuss it with us on Discussions. To help, you can try:

  1. Adding pages related to new characters/locations
  2. Expanding biographies based on existing pages
  3. Adding references & appearances
  4. Adding images via Special:Upload


The wiki has a variety of special pages that allow us to see which articles need work. We also have a category that allows us to see articles that need work. The best ways to help us are:

  1. Adding links that go to these pages
  2. Expanding parts/the whole of these articles
  3. Adding images to these articles
  4. Adding infoboxes to these pages
  5. Creating these pages
  6. Adding references to these articles
  7. Adding sources to these pages

Creating an account and further help

To create an account, simply go to Special:Signup or by clicking the 'register' button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. By creating an account you can contribute to Discussions, take part in Chat, upload images and videos (after 4 days of editing) and establish a profile on the wiki.

For further help, go to Help:Contents or contact an admin.

Forums and talk pages

Our forums and talk pages are there for you to offer your suggestions for changes on the wiki as a whole or on a particular page. Please take a look at some of our active forums/talk pages and give your say!

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