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Søren Eisarson was a panserbjørn and one of the councillors to the king of Svalbard. He suffered under the reign of Iofur Raknison and willing reassumed his loyalty to Iorek Byrnison when the latter reclaimed the throne.[1]


Søren Eisarson was one of the older bears on Svalbard. He did not approve of Iofur Raknison's plan to allow Marisa Coulter to build another experimental station there and was out of favour with the king as a result. He foresaw that the bears would become her puppets, reduced to guarding a station that he believed would be worse than Bolvangar.[1]

He also played a part in negotiating the terms of Lord Asriel's imprisonment on Svalbard. Søren Eisarson found Asriel to be eloquent, domineering and imperious, able to get his way despite being a prisoner of the bears because he was unlike anyone they had met before.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Søren is a common name in Scandinavia. It is possible that his father's name was Einar, another common Scandinavian name, if Panserbjørne use patronymic naming traditions.



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