The Royal Mail Zeppelin Station was in Oxford. It was located near the River Isis, Oxpens Road and Oxford railway station.[1] The station was the main sorting office for the south of the country.


Malcolm Polstead once ferried Sister Benedicta to the station in his canoe, La Belle Sauvage, so that the latter could mail a parcel to the Bishop of London.[2]

Twenty years later, Pantalaimon watched as a worker called Benny Morris jumped over the gate of the station and ran to meet another man. Together, they murdered Anthony Hassall.


Packages would come in on the mail trains in sacks which would be wheeled indoors by the men working there. The sacks would be opened and the mail sorted into post for different regions which would be put on trains to other areas or ready for the zeppelin, if it was going to London or even the rest of the continent, which would arrive and depart in the morning.[3][4]




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