"Lyra had once been more terrified of Mr Cawson than of anyone else in Oxford, but recently he'd begun to show signs of quite unsuspected humanity."
Lyra Silvertongue describes Mr Cawson at age 20[src]

Ronnie Cawson was the Steward at Jordan College. His dæmon had the form of a red setter. Lyra Silvertongue, as a child, had been afraid of Cawson who had beaten her twice.[1]


On the night of Lord Asriel's arrival, Cawson visited the Retiring Room to check whether the Master's poppy and wine were prepared for when he and the Scholars finished eating.[1]


A bowl for rosewater

When Lyra was 20, Cawson watched Lyra clean the silverware, which she did every year to get a bit of money. He inspected her work and answered her questions about the silverware. After understanding that she hadn't been to a feast before, he gave her a small vial of rosewater as she was curious about it.[2]

Physical appearanceEdit

Cawson had hair which was long enough to cover his ears.[1]


There was an old and established rivalry between the Steward and the Butler, Wren, at Jordan College.[1]



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