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The Pitt-Rivers Museum was a museum in Oxford in Will's world.[1] Lyra Silvertongue visited the museum and used her alethiometer to discover information about the trepanned skulls. She was seen by Charles Latrom, who planned to steal the alethiometer from her.[2]


In the museum were showcases filled with Arctic clothing, ivory carvings, hunting weapons and other relics. There were also photographs of Samoyed hunters.[2]


Before the entrance to the museum was another museum composed of a large hall which displayed stuffed animals, fossils of skeletons and cases of minerals. This museum was comprised of several chambers, which displayed different exhibits. The entrance hall was made of iron and glass.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

  • When Lyra enters the Pitt-Rivers Museum, she assumes it's another section of the museum she has just entered. In fact, the museum she originally entered was the Oxford University Museum of Natural History which houses the only public entrance into the Pitt-Rivers Museum.


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