The panserbjørn armour was an object made out of the metal sky-iron that acted as the soul of an armoured bear, like a dæmon for a human. The armour was made by the bear who was to use it and was extremely hard to break or destroy. However, the subtle knife could easily break through the material.[1]


Ragnar Sturlusson

Iofur Raknison in armour

Iorek in armour

Iorek Byrnison in his armour

Armour was a symbol of the bears that prided themselves by their craftsmanship. A bear was nothing without its armour. When Iorek Byrnison was in Trollesund, his armour had been stolen to keep him in order. With Iofur Raknison in charge of Svalbard, the traditions of the bears and their pride of making their armour began to fade with many secrets dying away.


When Iorek fought Iofur, they both wore their armour, Iofur taking care to make sure his was polished and gleaming.



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