This meeting was held at 28 Staverton Road road in 1986. It was attended by Oakley Street members and was hosted by Adnan and Yasmin Al-Kaisy. It began at 7pm.[1]

Attendees[edit | edit source]

The meeting was attended by the following Oakley Street members:[1]

Discussion[edit | edit source]

The alethiometer Thomas gave Hannah

The meeting began at 7pm when Hannah Relf arrived at the Al-Kaisy house. Relf was introduced to the other members of Oakley Street by George Papadimitriou before the attendees moved to the dining room.

Once sitting at the dining table, the members began their discussion. The several alethiometrists working for Oakley Street were discussed first. Lord Nugent then proposed to Hannah that she abandon her academic work and read an alethiometer for Oakley Street as a full-time job. Before Relf accepted the offer, Adnan Al-Kaisy explained to her the background and history of Oakley Street. The group then discussed the implications of Relf accepting the job, with Relf initially refusing to work full-time as she had a separate career already. Hannah eventually accepted the job and questioned the other members about certain technicalities, such as her income. She was also given an alethiometer to work with.

The conversation then moved to the topic of Coram van Texel and Gerard Bonneville, who Hannah asked about. Finally, Papadimitriou discussed Malcolm Polstead with Relf, assuring her that he would not be endangered. The meeting then ended with the attendees saying goodbye.[1]

Food and beverages[edit | edit source]

Cold meats and salads were initially served at the dining table. As the meeting moved on, bowls of fragrant ice, as well as coffee were served.[1]

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