Nur Huda el-Wahabi was a young woman from Lyra's world. She looked north African.[1] Her dæmon's name was Jamal.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

When Nur Huda was around 16, her family fled from their homes because they were being chased by men from nearby mountains. The family boarded a boat, which was struck by a ferry travelling from Constantinople to Smyrna. Nur Huda was flung into the water and separated from her dæmon. In the water, she saw some mountains in the distance and swam towards them, eventually reaching a beach where she fell asleep. She travelled inland, hiding from people and stealing food and clothes until she reached an olive tree where she sat and slept. Upon awakening, she met Pantalaimon, who told her about the Blue Hotel where he thought Jamal might be. The pair travelled there together, with Pantalaimon pretending to be Nur Huda's dæmon.[1] When they arrived at the abandoned city, Nur Huda met Lyra Silvertongue.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • In an auction to raise money for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, Philip Pullman confirmed that he would name a character in The Secret Commonwealth after Nur Huda El-Wahab, a victim of the fire.[3]
  • As Pullman had already written the book before the auction took place, he went back and added Nur Hada in. Although she will make an appearance in The Secret Commonwealth, Nur Hada will play a larger role in the third volume.[4]

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