This boarding house was located in the town of Novy Odense. It was notably dingy.[1]


In 1962 Lee Scoresby stayed at the boarding house, a payed for a room for a week. Other inhabitants at the time were Victoria Lund, Mikhail Vassiliev and a photographer.[1]



The bathroom was located further down the corridor where the bedrooms were.[1]

Boarding roomsEdit

The boarding rooms were in a corridor of the house. They contained a bed, mantelpiece and a small table. They were narrow and cold.[1]

Dining roomEdit

The dining room was where the evening meal was served. It had a small table, an iron stove and a shelf with various religious books. It also had a small collection of dusty board games such as Peril of the Pole, Flippety-Flop and Animal Misfitz.[1]



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