A few minor worlds are mentioned. It is unknown if these are all separate worlds, or if some of them are part of already known worlds.

  • Ruta Skadi mentioned a world similar to her's, but different in many ways, where there were both male and female witches who had the ability to fly.[1]
  • Three worlds are briefly glimpsed when Will Parry is experimenting with the subtle knife. One contains a desert, the second contains an industrial city where the factory workers are in chains, and the third contains a meadow inhabited by blue bison-like grazers.[2]
  • Will, Baruch, and Balthamos escape from the Regent Metatron by cutting through to a moonlit beach in yet another world.[2]
  • Will opens a world with a tropical rainforest when demonstrating the subtle knife's powers to Iorek Byrnison.[3]
  • While rescuing Lyra Silvertongue from Marisa Coulter's cave in the Himalayas of Lyra's world, Will cuts through to a world where the moon shines brightly over insect-infested ground the colour of bleached bone-white.[4]
  • Will, Lyra, Chevalier Tialys, and Lady Salmakia reach the world of the dead from a world with what looks like a Dutch or Danish farmstead, where the villagers have just been massacred by armed soldiers and their village razed (this conflict is never explained).[5]
  • When Will is trying to break the knife, he opens a world where they are having a rainstorm, startling both him and Mary.[6]

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