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  • Hi Mandy,

    So I've recently been promoted to admin :-) and I'd be really interested in going through with some of your ideas for the wiki. I'm no designer so please tell me if anything I'm requesting is impossible/really hard to do or even if it could negatively impact our SEO! Note for the other admins: please give any opinions/suggestions on this - this is something all of us should talk about.

    There's a variety of different things I think we need to work on, some a lot more important than others and I know you have quite a few ideas for the wiki too so if there's anything I haven't thought about, feel free to tell me!

    Home Page

    I have a few concerns for the main page on the wiki at the moment:

    1. It doesn't link to the most important articles on the wiki
    2. I think it doesn't look as good for logged-out users (the ad on the right pushes down the right column meaning it goes way further down than the left column)
    3. As you mentioned, it doesn't include much about the TV series/books (I've just added the latest trailer to the slideshow as you suggested).

    I read the Best Practices blog on main pages a few days ago and I think we need to change the home page based on what that blog said. Some things that (possibly) need to be changed/added:

    1. A thumbnail gallery to all the important characters/locations/species is a must, especially with the complexities of the HDM universe, viewers from the TV series will want to know about things like Dust, dæmons and the Magisterium (which aren't linked from the navigation at the moment - it's a wonder that dæmon was our 3rd most popular page a few weeks ago!). We'll also need to add content related to the upcoming book (without using a tabber on the thumbnail gallery, according to the blog).
    2. The introduction to the main page probably wants to say a bit more about the TV series. The blog seemed to say that we should remove the 'Welcome to His Dark Materials Wiki' image and replace it with text, right?
    3. The blog also advised against the use of slideshows. I definitely want the trailer and the book cover to feature on the home page - is there a better way to do this than the slideshow?
    4. Perhaps a news feed?

    I really like the home page for the SAW Wiki and I think a few elements from that could definitely be included. There's also a really nice navigation on the home page of the French GOT Wiki (template) - is this something that could work or would it be unwise to include it?

    The mobile main page could probably also do with an update, although I'm not entirely sure what I can do about that...I'd love to hear any suggestions on all of these and also any of your own ideas, it's important that we improve the main page soon!


    It would be interesting to see what you think could be done to improve the infoboxes - is it the style and design of them or the actual content? Another thing I've thought about is adding the actors/voice actors for the characters in the film and TV series to the bottom of the infobox although I'd like to know your thoughts as to whether that's something that we should do (considering that all the other information in the article is from an "in-universe" perspective).


    Another one that needs a few changes...there are a load more important articles that need to feature on there. I'm not sure if it would be best to group these things by content (have a dropdown for things to do with the new book and another for the TV series) or something like what we have already. I think the community part of the navigation is something that would be nice to stay (although moved back to the last dropdown). I'll be able to make the actual navigation (or provide all the pages that I'd like on it) once we decide on what would actually be best.


    I'd love to know your ideas on improvements on the theme (the SAW and Scream Queen Wikis are my favourites and I think those would look brilliant on this wiki) - I don't know whether you'd want more images for the theme: we could change it once the first series has aired if that'll give you more options (and then perhaps update it next year with new images)!


    The current wordmark was uploaded just over a year ago and follows the text of the companion book covers. I'd love one that follows the style that is seen on the TV series in the trailers and on their Twitter account but I don't know if that's a custom job. I think the lettering of the new trilogy covers is strong too. I'm not sure how this would look on the theme you have in mind but I'd love to try it out!

    Sorry for the lengthy post (that's the reason I collapsed most of it :P) and I've love to hear any more of your suggestions. I think it would be wise to use a test wiki to take a look at the improvements (once all of us are happy with the ideas) so that we can update everything in one go (rather than having a wordmark that works with the theme we're planning on implementing stuck on this current theme) - I believe you can close wikis so I hope that isn't going to be a hassle.

    Thanks again!

    P.S. About the spotlight that I mentioned last time, staff actually already had the wiki under the TV category (though they were using an image from the film), I've sorted that out now - thanks!

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    • Definitely! Happy viewing for tonight :)

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    • Okay Idekmandy, feel free to make the wordmark/theme/background changes whenever you get a chance :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Idekmandy,

    I'm wondering if you know why all of our dialogue templates (excluding Template:Quote and Template:Bquote which seem fine) won't work using the mercury skin or on mobile phones. All I see is a quotation mark, the paramter detailing the source of the dialogue and then the description of it, but the quote itself is missing. For example, this page which uses Template:Dialogue a-b-a-b-a-b-a-b-a-b. Is there any way to make these templates work? Thanks!

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    • I'm actually not sure why this is happening, but it seems to be an issue on every wiki that uses the same dialogue templates. I will contact Fandom staff and get back to you as soon as I have an answer/solution.

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    • Ok so here is the only solution, and it's not as easy as just making the current templates work. It would require the use of an entirely new template which uses Lua, and it can replace all current dialogue templates being used here. But of course, if implemented, you'd have to go in and fix all the articles using the old templates.

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    • Ok, thank you very much! I'll see what I can do tomorrow!

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