Marisa Coulter's flat was in a grand mansion block on the north bank of the River Thames in London.[1] Lyra Silvertongue lived here for around six weeks, before she ran away.[2]


Marisa's building

The building of the flat

The flat had large, south-facing windows, meaning that it was filled with light. The decoration was very pretty, with white and gold striped wallpaper, leafy green carpet, and ornaments on the surfaces. Lyra's bedroom was cosy, with cupboards, a dressing table, a chest-of-drawers and a wardrobe. Her bed was much softer than the one she had at Jordan College.[1]


At one point during her ownership of the flat, Coulter held a cocktail party there. It was held during the time that Lyra was at the flat and there were several important attendees, including Carlo Boreal and Professor Docker. Much of the conversation was about the General Oblation Board.[2] It is unknown what happened to the flat after Coulter's death.


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