Marcel Delamare was a man from Lyra's world who worked for La Maison Juste. He had grey hair and wore glasses. He had been devoted to his older sister, Marisa Coulter, and blamed Lyra Silvertongue for her early death.[2] It was his aim to gradually and unobtrusively dismantle the legal and non-legal protections around Lyra to make her more vulnerable to the Magisterium.[3]

Biography[edit | edit source]

When Lyra was 20, he had a discussion with Pierre Binaud about Anthony Hassall escaping from the botanical research station. His dæmon was a snowy owl.[3] Later, he talked to Mehrzad Karimov, a merchant who had brought him some rose oil, about the roses in Asia.[4]

At the time of the Magisterial Conference at the Secretariat of the Holy Presence's Council Chamber, Marcel himself wrote the speech that the Prefect, Monsieur Houdebert, read out before the debate. He bribed, blackmailed and got, in whatever means necessary, enough votes for the idea of a smaller council to be passed and had decided whom he wanted on it.[5]

Dæmon[edit | edit source]

Marcel's dæmon took the form of a snowy owl who had yellow eyes. She was quite observant and would tell Marcel how to greet someone, knowing when it was best to allow Marcel to lay a hand on the person's shoulder or simply to remain silent.[2]

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