His Dark Materials
His Dark Materials

Making His Dark Materials is a 30-minute short programme about the making of Series 1 of the programme. It contains interviews with members of the cast and crew (including Philip Pullman), shots from Series 1, behind the scenes footage, and is narrated by Clarke Peters (who plays Dr Carne in the series).

The programme covers how Series 1 was made, from getting the licence to create the TV series, to the writing, production, set design, and costuming as well as how the cast of the series filmed it.


It was released on BBC iPlayer on 26 April 2020 at 7pm, after a Twitter rewatch of the first episode, although it has never been broadcast on television. It was also released as a bonus feature on the Series 2 DVD.[1]

In the US, the programme is included as an extra on the Series 1 DVD.[2]

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