This letter was written by Lyra Silvertongue during her time studying at St. Sophia's College in Oxford. She wrote it to a man named Tom.[1]


Dear Tom,

It's going to have to be Econ Hist because there simply isn't any way of examining what I know about the alethiometer. Ideally there'd be a panel of wise men and women who could test me on it and judge the merits of a thesis and so on but there's only me and Dame H, and I'm beginning to get beyond the things she knows about anyway. I'll have to keep on with that privately and — well, privately. At least with Econ Hist the body of knowledge is nice and clear and I've got a really good subject and lots of documents and stuff (personal knowledge etc.) and if I get all the post grad qualifications I can teach it and earn a living. So how does this sound as a title for my dissertation? 'Patterns of trade in the Arctic region with particular reference to independent cargo balloon carriage (1950-1970).'

It must be a winner.





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