This letter was written by Lyra Silvertongue and sent to Malcolm Polstead at Durham College. The letter was directed to Dr Malcolm Polstead, Durham College, Oxford.[1]


Dear Malcolm,
Thank you for your letter. I'm safe here for the moment, but I know I'll have to move on soon. I must find Pan. I'm going to follow every clue, no matter how absurd or unlikely. Like Dr Strauss's diary when he heard about the place called the Blue Hotel. A sort of refuge, I suppose. I've decided to head for that and see what happens. I must find him because unless If I find him there, we'll go on to Karamakan and try and cross the desert and find that red building. The thing is that when I first read about it in Dr Strauss's account I thought about it a lot and it affected me like one of those dreams that stay with you for hours after you wake up. It was familiar, but I had no idea why. I think I know something about it, but it's lost and I can't reach it. I probably need to dream about it again.
 Maybe I'll see you there.
 If I don't come back, I just want to say thank you for taking care of me in the flood when I was a baby. I wish memories went further back in our lives than they do so that I could recall of it, because the only thing I remember is little trees with lights in them and being very happy. But of course that might have been a dream too. I wish I hope one day we'll be able to talk and I can explain all the things that led up to me coming here. I don't understand it all myself. But Pan thought something had stolen my imagination. That's why he left, to go and look for it. Maybe you could understand what he meant by that and why it was almost too hard to bear.
 Malcolm, please give my love to Hannah and to Alice. And remember me to Dick Orchard. Oh, and to your parents. I've known them for such a little time but I liked them so much. It would be I wish I'm very glad we made friends.



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