This letter was written by Lyra Silvertongue to Malcolm Polstead during her time spent writing her dissertation at St. Sophia's College.[1]


Dear Dr Polstead,

Sorry to bother you with this, but I wonder if you could advise me about a small point. I've got a number of items of printed matter to enter into the bibliography for my dissertation — some of them are scraps, really, not much more than ephemara ephemera, but they all build up a picture — and the thing I need to know is how to enter them correctly if they aren't obvious things like books. Also, when the item I'm referring to in the text is (for example) a cutting from a newspaper that isn't going to be available anywhere in Oxford, or England for that matter, and so won't be easy for the examiners to check, would it be necessary to provide the actual cutting? I could do that easily enough. Some of my bits and pieces are precious for personal reasons, but I daresay the examiners will be careful to return them intact.

With thanks





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