This house was possibly owned by a man named Lord Murdstone. It sat at the top of a green hill and was large, white and classical in shape. It had a white façade, columns, a pediment and a chimney.[1]



The hall was decorated with ornate plasterwork. It had cabinets made of wood, tortoiseshell and gold, and there were statues made of marble. There was also a huge chimney-piece.[1]


The kitchen had a fire in an iron range, as well as a large pine table. Inside the kitchen there was a trapdoor to the cellar.[1]


The basement was connected to the kitchen by a heavy trapdoor. A set of steps led downwards from the trapdoor to a storage area which contained vegetables, rice and other food. A low archway connected this to the main cellar. This cellar was where wine was stored. There was also a second storeroom which contained furniture. At the end of the basement was a heavy wooden door with large iron hinges and a big lock.[1]


According to Gerard Bonneville, the house was originally owned by a man named Lord Murdstone who used its basement to kill children.

During the flood of 1986, the house was taken over by a man with a mastiff-dæmon. This man fought for the house, and allowed Malcolm Polstead, Alice Parslow and Lyra Belacqua refuge when they were running from Gerard Bonneville. Bonneville arrived shortly after them and killed the man by cutting his throat. Bonneville then proceeded to try and find the children he was chasing.

Malcolm, Alice and Lyra had been hiding in the house when Bonneville killed the previous inhabitant. When they became aware of this, they fled into the basement which Malcolm explored. Bonneville went into the kitchen and when he could not find them walked to the servant's entrance of the basement. Bonneville then talked to Malcolm for a short period of time before the three children slipped away back through the trapdoor. They managed to reach Malcolm's canoe before Bonneville found them and attempted to shoot them with a shotgun. Malcolm managed to stab Bonneville and the group escaped.[1]

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