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This article is about the city in Lyra's world. You may be looking for London, the city in Will's world.

London was the capital city of England[1], Brytain and the centre of much political activity in the country. It was likely the capital city, as its equivalent in Will's world was to Britain. Tramcars were a common form of transport here.



Tony Makarios lived in Clarice Walk and was abducted by Marisa Coulter from the area to be taken to Bolvangar. The market in Pie Street was close to St Catherine's Oratory. Denmark Street, Hangman's Wharf and King George's Steps lead to a warehouse where captured children were held before being sent to the North.[2]

Falkeshall Gardens[]

The zeppelin Lyra Silvertongue and Marisa Coulter took from Oxford to London landed in Falkeshall Gardens, near the river.[3]

Marisa Coulter's flat[]

The flat was near the wide and well-lit embankment of the river.[3]

White Hall Palace[]

The King held his weekly Council of State at the Palace.[2] Meetings of the Prime Minister's special advisory body, the Cabinet Council, of which both Lord Asriel and Dr Carne were members, were also held at the Palace.[4]

Chthonic Railway[]

The underground railway connected London's streets much like the London Underground in Will's world. Marisa Coulter believed it was intended for people of a lower class.[5]

Royal Arctic Institute[]

The Institute headquarters were a grand, stone building a twenty-minute walk from Marisa Coulter's flat.

Imperial Shipping Line[]

The Booking Office of the Imperial Shipping Line was on Upper Thames Street, London and a 36-day Cruise to the Levant on the S.S. Zenobia began in the city.[6]

Previous residents[]

  • Marisa Coulter
  • Tony Makarios and his mother
  • Annie had a strong London accent
  • John Parry lived in London for a short period, but moved away as it was too similar and too different to the version in his own world


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