The Linnaeus Room was a room on the first floor of the administrative building at the Botanic Garden in Oxford. It was located on the second door to the right, just along from Lucy Arnold's office. In the room there was a conference table and two low-hanging anbaric lamps.[1]


Lucy Arnold, the Director, once staged a meeting here to discuss Anthony Hassall. She invited Annabel Milner, Brewster Napier, Charles Capes, Lars Johnsson and Malcolm Polstead who all had some connection to him. Partway through the meeting, Captain Hartland and two other men from the Consistorial Court of Discipline arrived. Before they got to the room, John, the porter, who had directed them to the Humboldt Room to give himself time, told Lucy of their arrival. John left the room with Annabel, Brewster and Lars, leaving Charles, Lucy and Malcolm to deal with the men.


A spy-fly

When they entered, Hartland questioned the three about Anthony before leaving, after one of the other men put a spy-fly under the table. Once the CCD agents left, Malcolm got rid of the spy-fly before the three left quietly.[1]



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