His Dark Materials
His Dark Materials

Limefield House was a large house located in a lane in Old Headington, Oxford in Will's world. It belonged to Charles Latrom. Lyra Silvertongue and Will Parry broke in using the subtle knife to take back the alethiometer after it was stolen from Lyra.[1]



It had a large garden illuminated by floodlights and a spiked iron fence around the perimeter. Shrubbery was also located around the perimeter.[1] The house was the colour of warm honey and half of the front of it was covered in Virginia creeper. A gravel drive led up to an oak door with a bell-pull doorbell.[2]


The hall was a dim corridor leading on from the main door. It smelt of beeswax and flowers and a mahogany cabinet containing porcelain figures was placed against the wall.[2]


Charles's study was a large and comfortable room with lots of bookshelves, paintings and trophies. There were four cabinets in the room containing scientific equipment and Charles originally placed the alethiometer in one of these cabients. Inside the room was a sofa and a chair behind a desk.[2] There was a mantlepiece in the room containing Charles's invitation cards as well as an octagonal table behind the door. There was a large window looking out on the front lawn, which was later smashed by Lyra, with green velvet curtains behind them. On the window was a cushioned seat.[1]


After her alethiometer, was stolen, Lyra talked to Will and they decided to pay Charles a visit at his house to ask for it back. When the arrived, Charles's servant, Allan, showed them in and they talked to Charles in his study. Charles told them that the alethiometer was his and, unless they could retrieve the subtle knife from the Torre degli Angeli in the world of Cittàgazze, the alethiometer would remain in his possession.[2][3]

After retrieving the knife, Giacomo Paradisi told Will that Charles would not keep his word if they gave him the knife and so Will and Lyra decided to steal it.[3] Will cut a window into Charles's front lawn and another in his study where Will searched for the alethiometer, failing to find it in the cupboards. After hearing the sound of Charles's car outside, Will his behind the sofa and listened as Charles and Marisa Coulter talked.

Once Lyra smashed the glass of the study window with a stone, Will grabbed the alethiometer and ran out of the window, closing it behind him before a cat began to fight the golden monkey allowing Lyra to escape through the first window.[1]



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