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"We are continually seeking a way of accommodating the life of the world to the life of the spirit"
Olivier Bonneville describes the business of La Maison Juste to Alexander Pochinsky[src]

La Maison Juste, officially known as the League for the Instauration of the Holy Purpose,[1] was the world centre for the examination of heresy and heretics and was located in Geneva. Marcel Delamare worked here.[2] It was set up about a century before the Magisterial Congress when Lyra Silvertongue was 20.[3] It was named after the building, La Maison Juste, where the orgaisation's headquarers were based.[1]

"It was set up a century ago - "The League for the Instauration of the Holy Purpose", that's the official title - and it's been working hard for a long time. But in recent years under Monsieur Delamare it's become a really potent force for good in the ranks of the Magisterium. Of course we should always refer to it by that name really, but the building where we work is so beautiful that I suppose it's a way of paying tribute to it. It was used centuries ago for the examination of heresy and heretics, hence the name."
—Olivier describes the history of the organisation to Monsieur Rattin[src]

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