His Dark Materials
His Dark Materials

Juta Kamainen was the queen of the Lake Visha clan of witches. She was once involved in a quarrel with Tanja Lentana.[1] Her dæmon had the form of a robin.


John Parry[]

At some point in her life, Juta loved the man John Parry. John, however, was already married to a woman in his own world and so scorned her. Juta couldn't forgive him and knew, should she see him again, she would kill him.[2]

Clan meeting[]

Shortly after Lord Asriel had opened a window between his world and the world of Cittàgazze, Juta attended a witch clan meeting staged at Lake Enara by Serafina Pekkala. At the end, an older witch led her over to Serafina where Juta, unwillingly, told her of her previous love to John. Serafina told her to forget her feelings and forgive him and that she should go on the witches' mission to find Lyra Silvertongue.[2]


Whilst keeping watch over Lyra and another boy called Will Parry, she saw Will climb up the mountain one night. She decided to follow him and so got on her cloud-pine. Will met a man up there and they talked. The man knew that Will was the bearer of the subtle knife and told him his job before shining a lantern so he could see his face. Juta recognised John and, unable to forgive him, shot an arrow and killed him.

Will, who was shocked, reached up and grabbed Juta's robin-dæmon making her cry out. He then shook her and asked her why she had killed his father. Juta couldn't explain the feelings of love to him and so couldn't answer his questions. Before she could let him hurt her any more, Juta reached for her knife and pushed it between her ribs, killing herself[3]



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