Joachim Lorenz was a man from the world of Cittàgazze. He was travelling on horseback with a group of adults and children when they were attacked by a group of Spectres. As part of the law in that world, each travelling party had to contain a man and a woman on horseback to immediately flee in the event of a Spectre attack, so that the children would not be left abandoned after the attack.

Joachim and a woman accordingly survived the attack, and returned to the children after the danger to them had passed. They were then confronted by a band of witches from another world who had witnessed the attack and weren't aware of the law until he explained it to them. Among the witches were Serafina Pekkala and Ruta Skadi, who questioned him about the whereabouts of a child known as Lyra Silvertongue.[1]



  1. The Subtle Knife, Chapter 6
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