His Dark Materials
His Dark Materials

The intention craft was an aircraft designed by Lord Asriel in the war against the Authority. The device was powered by the intention of the controller and their dæmon using hand holds.

The intention craft was a flying machine, but had no engine or wings. It had a cockpit and controls like a Gyrocopter and six bug-like legs. However, there was a helmet and leather wrapped mechanism on a string, so that the craft could be controlled by the driver's intentions. It could only be used by a being with a dæmon, as the dæmon bites on the mechanism attached to the string. At least two existed, one more advanced than the other.

The intention craft appeared to be armed with very advanced weaponry. It was able to destroy enemy artillery shells before they could hit their targets and wipe out several enemy aircraft before they could respond. Its weapon resembled a laser or particle beam. The technology used to create both the craft and its weaponry appeared to be exceptionally advanced for Will's world and should thus have been aeons ahead of Asriel's universe. It is never explained how he was able to develop such advanced technology in such a short time.[1]

It was used by Marisa Coulter to escape Lord Asriel's fortress, by Lord Asriel, to rescue Mrs Coulter, then again by Mrs Coulter to reach the Clouded Mountain, in order to trick the Regent of Heaven, Metatron.



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