Inspector Walters was one of the agents of the Special Branch[1] who searched the home of the Parry family. He was assigned the task of finding Will Parry when he ran away after killing his partner during the house search.


Walters was set a task by the Special Branch to find out about John Parry as it was believed that he'd found a window into another world in the North. Sometime in the month before Will found a window into the world of Cittàgazze, Walters visited the Institute of Archaeology, interested in the Nuniatak dig and researched the topic.[2]

During the time, Walters and his companion were visiting Elaine Parry, quizzing her about her husband and all the details she knew about him. Elaine kept a stash of letters from her husband that the two wanted as they believed it contained details of where the window was. They would speak to Elaine in a room and would interrogate her until she cried. Will would tell them to leave, and they would, but sometimes he was at school when Walters visited.

Earlier on the day Will discovered the window, the two agents turned up at the house to search for the letters. Will, who was hiding quietly upstairs, heard Walter's companion coming and pushed him away. The agent tripped over Will's cat, Moxie, and fell down the stairs before being killed when hitting the floor. Will ran out the door leaving Walters shocked.[3]

Whilst searching for John, Walters went into Alan Perkins office to talk to him and see if he had any information. Will, who was also making his way to the office, saw Walters get out of his car and walk towards the building making Will quickly walk away.[2]

Later, after finding out that Lyra Silvertongue, a girl who was seen with Will, had visited Mary Malone, he went to question her alongside Sergeant Clifford. When Lyra turned up, they questioned her about where she lived and went to school before springing on her before asking her if Will was staying with her. AFter saying yes and realising she had made a mistake, Lyra ran away from the lab with Walters pursuing her.[4]

Physical descriptionEdit

Inspector Walters was tall and powerful, with white eyebrows and extremely pale hair.[5]



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