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In many cases, changes to wiki-wide policy and/or changes to individual articles are determined by a vote. In the absence of unanimous consensus, these issues may be settled by a majority or supermajority of those users polled (as mediated by one or more administrators).

When an issue is settled by either of these methods, attempts by any individual to counteract or violate these decisions without community support (as determined by a renewed discussion of the issue with participation equal to or greater than the original discussion) will be considered vandalism/disruptive editing under the blocking policy. A blocked user's votes do not count on any active discussion or vote of any type for the entire duration of the block.

For community-wide consensus discussions, please visit Forum:Retiring Room.


  • Only autoconfirmed registered users with greater than fifty valid ((non-vandalism, non-fanon) article edits may participate in voting.
    • Regardless of the overall total number of edits, a user's combined total of content namespace, Project:, and MediaWiki: edits must be at least double the combined total of Forum:, User:, and User_talk/Thread: edits in order to vote on any matters affecting the site or other users.
  • The administrator who has begun a process may not partake in the voting directly, in order to ensure impartiality during the closing of the vote.


  • Users should vote by declaring whether they are For or Against the topic at hand and by signing with four tildes (~~~~). A comment can also be added before the signature if a user wishes.
  • Votes are tallied using a +/- system (i.e. voting for something adds one to the total, voting against something subtracts one from the total).
  • These rules can be modified for particular projects that have their own voting policy.


  • The administrator who opens a vote will close it, unless an undue amount of time has passed and no action has been taken.
  • On the His Dark Materials Wiki a majority opinion is considered when there is a clear +3 votes for a particular opinion.
    • In situations where there are multiple opinions (more than 2), a vote for an option is a positive one, and a vote for any other option is a negative one for all other opinions.
  • If there is no clear majority opinion the topic will be closed with no changes taking place.
    • If there are multiple (more than 2) opinions being voted on and no majority is reached, the opinion(s) with the lowest number of votes will be removed and voting will be reopened.
  • If a clear consensus, (+7 votes) is reached before the allotted time has expired than the administrator may close a vote early.


Some Topic (+2)Edit

  • For -- User1 00:00, 1 January 1970 (UTC)
  • Against Some comment. -- User2 00:00, 2 January 1970 (UTC)
  • For -- User3 00:00, 3 January 1970 (UTC)
  • For Some comment. -- User4 00:00, 4 January 1970 (UTC)
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